How to Effectively Recycle your Online Content



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Don’t just schedule a content creation day – Spend one day a week completely devoted to distributing content. Focuses on distributing on:

1. Social Media
2. Forums
3. Publications
4. Communities
5. Your Team


Write Newsletter

Take small tidbits from the newsletter and turn them into quick tips or tidbits Instagram

– Convert the newsletter piece into a carousel post

– Take the quick tips, screenshot them, and share them as posts – Create two videos (quick tips reel + breakdown in under 45 sec)


– Take that same carousel made for Instagram and publish it.

– Adjust that Twitter thread a little and publish it on LinkedIn.

– A few days later publish it as a native article on LinkedIn

– And those quick tips, same goes — publish on LinkedIn.

Facebook – I’d take my Twitter thread hook and use it for Facebook while linking to the article. TikTok I’d take the two Instagram Reels I made and publish them on TikTok

Forums Quora -Find a question relevant to the topic you discussed in the newsletter followed by 100+ people and drop a response that provides immense value. – Then link to the article. – % of ppl who follow will click + Quora send a % of their sub list the response

Reddit – Find a subreddit, then find 2-3 questions you can answer. – Take the same answer you dropped in Quora and change it just a little for Reddit.

Niche Forums Then find niche forums and distribute the content natively. – IndieHackers – GrowthHackers – HackerNews

Communities There are three ways to win inside communities: – In the comments – Sharing directly – Sponsoring the group To distribute effectively, I’d find and participate in valuable communities on these channels: – Slack – Facebook Groups – Discord – SugarBiz – Circle

Publications Medium Publications – Find a medium publication that has a significant amount of subscribers and ask if you can contribute to the publication. Now when they press to publish, it will notify all of their subscribers about your piece.

Substack – Head over to Substack and search for publications related to your field. – Reach out to different creators/publications and ask for one of two things: 1. For them to curate your piece of content (if this is something they do) 2. To sponsor their newsletter

Your Team This refers to people in your circle. Here’s a list I’d use: – Any co-workers or employees – Friends with a similar audience – Influencers who you support too Have them share, like, and amplify your content.


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